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CS1 female/female standoff

CS1 female/female standoff

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The Protokit CS1 Construction System is the ultimate robot construction kit.

Highly modular, easy-to-use, and with excellent mechanical properties, the CS1 Construction System solves many of the problems you might have experienced with other construction systems.

These standoffs are used to fasten parallel system plates together, in conjunction with the 10mm male/female standoff.


  • High quality brass M3 female/female standoff
  • M3 thread
  • 8mm body length


Datasheet Not yet available
Brochure Not yet available
2D CAD Not yet available
3D CAD Not yet available


Body length 8mm
Thread size
M3 x M3
Gender type Female/female
Material Brass
Body shape Hex
Hex size across flat
Threaded depth Through